13 October to 28 January 07 Sydney Only
Female figure
President's Council VisAsia Australian Research Council Optimal Fund Management Delta Qantas City of Sydney Bhavan Incredible India Sofitel Wentworth Sydney Sydney Morning Herald SBS India Link Female figure India, Madhya Pradesh, Chandella period (c 831–1308), c1000s Bharat Kala Bhavan, Varanasi. Gift of Walter Spink

The all-powerful Goddess has been a source of inspiration and guidance to followers for centuries. Her many manifestations seek to protect, love, comfort, tantalise, champion, seduce, enlighten, save and, most of all, empower.

Goddess: Divine Energy is the first major exhibition in Australia to explore the many manifestations of the divine female in Hindu and Buddhist art. Created as a focus for veneration and meditation, these beautiful works of art are rich with symbols that convey the many lessons and insights the Goddess provides as she guides towards attainment and ultimate bliss. The power (shakti) and wisdom (prajna) of the Goddess resides within each one of us waiting to be awakened.

Over 150 exquisitely carved sculptures and delicately composed paintings from India, Tibet and Nepal, dating from about 2000 BCE through to the 20th century, have been gathered from collections around the world for display.

Goddess: Divine Energy offers a rare opportunity to delve into the world and wisdom of the Goddess. An extensive events program of film, performance, talks, meditation and music accompanies this exhibition.

$12 Adults
$8 concessions/students
$4 booked school groups
$28 family
$30 / $20 season pass/multi-entry

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