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Gathering Places

written by Jay Graham, Barbara Walker

Time Inc Home Entertainment | ISBN 9789812329189

Hardback – 288 pages


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Distinctive in form and detail, Balinese architecture celebrates the concept of gathering, from traditional vernacular architecture to modern homes and resorts. This book explores the features and elements that define Balinese architecture as an architecture made for gathering - pavilions, temples, palaces and village squares - and how these elements reflect the Balinese philosophies of adat (customary laws), budaya (customs) and agama (religion). Rich in meaning and symbolism, the architecture of Bali is about the convening of the family, the village, the gods, and most recently, tourists. Different from other books on Balinese architecture and interiors, this book seeks to explain the reasons behind the forms and the spatial and spiritual philosophy that is uniquely Balinese. Gathering Places is meant for more than just the coffee-table. It is informative and comprehensive, and yet personal and insightful as it celebrates the concept of gathering and its expression in the architecture of the 'island of the gods'.

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