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Mexico Handcrafted Art Central Region

written by Omar Fuentes, Fernando de Haro

Arquitectos Mexicanos Editores | ISBN 9789709726817

Hardback – 223 pages


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A dazzling tour of the artisan traditions of central Mexico
* Full-color photos of remarkable everyday objects transformed into works of art
* Inspiration for artists and designers Take a journey through central Mexico. Explore its history, meet its people. Discover the rich traditions of its artisans, and learn how they transform their surroundings--adorning their clothing, creating beautiful everyday utensils, even transforming the stones that protect the dwelling places of their ancestors into works of art. In hundreds of full-colour photographs, readers will see clothing, ceramics, pots, decorative items, toys, paving stones, tiles, glassware, kitchen tools, more, all enlivened and embellished with amazing designs. Religious symbols, nativity scenes, wrestlers' masks, movie heroes, sports stars...the range is amazing and inspiring. Visit this remarkable land, where everything bears the mark of creative beauty, in "Mexico Handcrafted Art."

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