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Julio Ruelas

Mexican Modernist 1870 - 1907

written by Carlos Monsiváis, Antonio Saborit

Actar | ISBN 9789689345053

Hardback – 232 pages


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Julio Ruelas is maintained as a kind of enigma in Mexican art, being that deserves to have more recognition. This book placesRuelas in the context that best highlights the relevance of his work, surrounded by his colleagues in the Modern Review, the emblem of Mexican and Latin American modernists who, toshake off the shackles of the Academy, gave new life to literature and the arts. Thorough testing of three of the leading critics of Mexico: Teresa del Conde, Antonio Carlos Monsivais andSaborit, explore the many facets of Ruelas, from its stereotypicalfauns, specters and succubi end of the century to its most profound and disturbing investigation of the terra incognita of our subconscious.

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