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How to Read Erotic Art

written by Flavio Febbrara, Alexandra Wetzel

Ludion | ISBN 9789461300126

Paperback – 392 pages


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How to Read Erotic Art explores the history of erotic art and presents paintings, drawings, etchings, sculptures and more from all over the world and from throughout history. Works by Titian, Picasso and Keith Haring are included, along with prints from China, Japan, India and the Middle East. Eroticism is a truly universal topic, a subject that has always fascinated mankind, but the tone of the nude has shifted throughout history: Egon Schieles nudes differ greatly from those of ancient Rome. Erotic art is telling: it reveals much about an era, a culture, a psychology; it can be sweet, aggressive, soothing, kind, wild or mad. All of these varieties are here, in lush colour with details, and texts that offer insights into how to read the different works. In this book, erotic art gives up its secrets.

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