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Confronting the Golden Age

Imitation and Innovation in Dutch Genre Painting 1680 - 1750

written by Junko Aono

University of Chicago Press | ISBN 9789089645685

Hardback – 272 pages


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Dutch genre paintings of the period between 1680 and 1750 have historically been cast as uninspired repetitions of art from the mid-seventeenth-century Dutch Golden Age. In Confronting the Golden Age, Junko Aono reconsiders these oft-dismissed paintings, repositioning them as dynamic works that played an instrumental role in the canonization of the art of the Golden Age.
Drawing on archival documents, sales catalogues, and other texts, Aono closely analyses a range of genre paintings—many of them handsomely reproduced in this volume. In the process, she deepens our understanding of these works and reveals how they illuminate the relationships among painters, collectors, and the dominant artistic currents of the time.

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