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Cat Lady Chronicles

written by Diane Lovejoy

Officina Libraria | ISBN 9788889854983

Hardback – 160 pages


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'Cat Lady Chronicles' is the heartwarming true story of an art-book editor who finds her unexpected calling as a Cat Lady. Author Diane Lovejoy shares her private joy in rescuing ten orphaned cats who desperately needed a Cat Lady to adopt them. As Lovejoy passionately 'collects cats,' she realises that the parallels between the art world and the feline world are more pronounced than she ever could have imagined. And just as each of the author's cats undoubtedly has nine lives, Lovejoy discovers that the care and feeding of her extended feline family nourishes her soul, providing a new lease on life. This delightfully candid, witty memoir about cat love gone mad will appeal to readers of every stripe. As Lovejoy writes, 'Isn't there a little bit of the Cat Lady in all of us?' Images of cats 'many with their ladies' by famous artists complement these charming chronicles, which also include helpful tips on felines presented in 'The Scoop' and 'Outside the Box'.

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