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La Sainte Anne

written by Vincent Delieuvin

Officina Libraria | ISBN 9788889854877

Paperback – 448 pages


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'The Virgin and Child with St. Anne 'is, with the 'Battle of Anghiari', Leonardo's most ambitious project of his later years. This masterpiece has been under restoration and it will be exhibited in its newly found splendour at the Louvre. There, for the first time, it will be flanked by cartoons with the same subject (but with St. John the Baptist) held at the National Gallery, London, and by preparatory sketches and drawings, thus allowing the public to gain new insights in Leonardo's method of work. The exhibition and the catalogue present 131 works by Leonardo and other contemporary artists, such as Raphael and Luini, placing the St. Anne in its proper art historical context. This great work has had an enduring influence on the development of art in the High Renaissance (Michelangelo, Solario, Andrea del Sarto, etc.), but its effects are seen on paintings much more recent, such as those of Odilon Redon and Max Ernst.

Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci

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