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Pollock and the Irascibles

The New York School

written by Carter Foster

24 ORE Cultura | ISBN 9788866481867

Hardback – 184 pages


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Through the paintings of these 18 artists, guided by the charismatic Pollock and referred to as "The Irascibles," after a famous protest they staged against the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, this is a complete view of an essential artistic style that reinterpreted the canvas as a space for individual freedom of thought and action. It was both the style of the New York School and a unique phenomenon, which characterized post-war America and that with overwhelming force, influenced Modern Art across the world.

The book is the exhibition's catalog, which includes more than 49 masterpieces from the Whitney Museum in New York among which Pollock's Number 27, Mahoning by Franz Kline (1956), Door to the River by Willem de Kooning (1960) and Untitled (Blue, Yellow, Green on Red) (1954) by Mark Rothko, alongside works by artists who may be less famous, but that represent their mature periods and, more generally speaking, their time.

Artist: Jackson Pollock

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