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Art Deco

written by FKG Editors

FKG | ISBN 9788866371274

Hardback – 600 pages


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This book contains some of the most important works
created in the Art Deco style and cites many artists from
various disciplines who helped make the period in which
they lived a great source of inspiration.

The term Art Deco embraces the art, style, fashion and a
philosophy of life evident in the architecture, the artistic
creations and everyday objects of the period. It developed
in the years between the two world wars and is marked by
the economic depression in 1929.

But this darkness was exorcised by a prosperity manifest in
all the bright contrasting colours, gold, silver, precious woods, sparkling crystal and exquisite textiles associated with Art Deco. The economic and social changes of the
time, along with a new way of thinking were reflected in
the dances, swing music, radio, cinema and theatre at the
heart of Art Deco culture – as were the "Metropolis-­style"
special effects first featured in the futuristic 1927 film, and
the creation of virtual worlds.

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