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Boris Zaborov

written by Philippe Bidaine, Pascal Bonafoux

Skira | ISBN 9788861301221

Hardback – 160 pages


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A painting, sculpture, drawing or stage set by Boris Zaborov (born in Minsk, Belarus in 1935) is not simply looked at but imposes itself on the viewer. If we are to understand and indeed love these works, we must enter into conflict with ourselves, recognize the indifference with which we often regard the past because of its oftentimes disturbing nature, summon up memories we do not want to relive, and confront unseemliness when everything seems to drive us toward propriety. Pascal Bonafoux and Philippe Ridaine provide expert commentary on each work, ordered chronologically by the artist himself as well as essays delving further into Zaborovs development. Bonafoux discusses the period after 1981 when Zaborov left Russia as a dissident to move to Paris often using the artist's own words to do so. He comments on the works, also explain his passion for old family photographs. Bidaine analyses the details of Zaborov's canvases - the washed-out colours, confused sense of time, and iconic details such as dolls, keys, sculptures and inscriptions, all executed with superb technical mastery.

Artist: Boris Zaborov

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