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Longing for Eternity : One Century of Iraqi Art

written by Mary Angela Schroth

Skira | ISBN 9788857218762

Hardback – 320 pages


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The publication, edited and curated by Mary Angela Schroth, recounts the story of the acquisitions of the private collection of Hussain Ali Harba, which began with a painting executed in the 1970s by Fa’iq Hassan, one of the protagonists of Irachi modern art and ends with experimental contemporary artists such as Adel Abidin. Born in Babylon (Iraq) in 1961 and resident in Turin (Italy) since 1979, Harba received his first artwork from his father at the age of 15, and through the years has become one of the most impassioned Iraqi collectors in the world. Together with his family, he is building a private museum in Babylon that will one day permanently house this major collection. The book bears witness to Harba’s work of dedication and conservation related to the artistic patrimony of his native country.

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