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Caravaggios Rome 1600 - 1630

written by Rossella Vodret

Skira | ISBN 9788857213873

Hardback – 904 pages


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The works of Caravaggio and his followers and contemporaries in early 17th-century Rome. Caravaggio eclipsed all other artists of his time. But just who were these fellow travellers? Bringing together 200 paintings from world collections, Rome in Caravaggio's Day is the first work to reconstruct the connective tissue of the Eternal City where the great genius lived and worked. In the period between 1595 and 1635, Rome was a crucible in which artists of different backgrounds, cultures, and tongues worked side by side exchanging techniques, experiences, styles, and iconographies. In the space of a few years, they swept away the late mannerist stereotypes and ushered in the most extraordinary artistic renewal ever witnessed in Rome. The results would be felt all over Europe throughout the seventeenth century. The catalog relates this poorly known story to a broad audience, rendering justice and visibility to talented artists who had the "misfortune" of living in Rome in the early decades of the 1600s and have languished into modern times in the shadow of the incredibly popular Caravaggio.

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