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Symbols History Correlations

written by Luciana Boccardi

MARSILIO | ISBN 9788831799737

Hardback – 224 pages


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An intriguing and curious trip inside the world of colors, told through legends, stories, and anecdotes. Why do we say things like "black day," "green with envy," "white lie," "seeing red," and "feeling blue?" Why is it that green is associated with hope and blue with meditation? And why is red the color of power? Is white really the color of innocence or is it also...? These questions have been the focus of research by scholars, scientists, poets and "soul-searchers," and this book aims to arrive at an understanding of the symbols, meanings, history, and associations of these colors, and ultimately produce a portrait of ourselves. Concentrating almost exclusively on Western culture, Luciana Boccardi's "investigation of the rainbow" is accompanied by eloquent photographs by Vittorio Pescatori and the paintings of Ludovico De Luigi.

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