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Its a Matter of Illustration

Index Books | ISBN 9788496309838

Hardback – 224 pages


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Amatterofdesign™ It’s a Matter of Illustration - PB Unlike the earlier series of Amatterofdesign™ series that talk about how visual communication is transmitted in different genres, i.e. through Promotion, Identity, Packaging or Editorial, we only focus on illustration in this book and look at how illustration is used as a tool to develop relationships between designers and audience. The theme of illustrations is often created as how the illustrators or designers would like to present themselves. As a bank of resources, we spotlight on the characteristic of the purpose of how visual impact is transferred through illustrations. Thus, the collection showcased in the book is divided into 5 sections - Dream & Fantasy; Fun & Playful; Gloomy & Mystery; Structural & Complex; and Distinctive & Unique, to uncover the diversity of illustrations, its global trends and its influence. Through all these, we hope to strive you distinguishing yourself when creating; to let your curiosity and imagination be free, to imply your feelings and stories in your work; and to assist you setting out your own world of illustrations and designs! Following the success of the hard cover edition, It’s a Matter of Illustration is now obtainable in paperback! Be smart and catch the chance!

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