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Sonora Magic Market Mexico City

written by Kurt Hollander

RM Verlag | ISBN 9788493612344

Paperback – 200 pages


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Known locally as the witchcraft market,A" the Sonora market in Mexico City is sure to have whatever remedy the soul or the body needs. It contains the greatest concentration of shamans, santeros, practitioners of voodoo, and natural remedies in the world.We can also browse among snake skins, dried hummingbirds, dried fox skins, or live exotic animals such as iguanas, squirrels, and toads, to be used for all sorts of spells. If a large part of the attraction of this book resides in the numerous images that show in detail the pop aesthetic adopted to advertise this merchandise, a glance at the instructions and A prayers that accompany the products reveals a darker world of economic, emotional, and sexual suffering. The book contextualizes these advertisements in a culture where magical thinking still offers aid to those desperately seeking a panacea.

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