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Summer Kimonos and the Colours of Japan

PIE Books | ISBN 9784894445314

Paperback – 240 pages


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In Yumioka’s previous book, Kimono and the Colors of Japan, the kimono collector mainly introduced readers to the range of colors used in kimonos. In this book; however, he has focused on the motifs employed in kimonos and obis (sash), with particular emphasis on the materials used in making summer kimonos. Recent summer kimonos have become relatively orthodox and somewhat lacking in creativity. Those who are familiar with these recent summer kimonos are thus in for a surprise with the kimonos they will find in this book. Patterns of flowers and grasses, insects, fish, shellfish, and Western landscapes, in addition to daring colors and delicate embroidery, have elevated these kimonos to the level of art. In the author’s view, these patterns and motifs provide a full display of a delicate sense of beauty and bold design, as well as the playful spirit and creativity with which the Japanese try to keep themselves cool and comfortable in the summer.

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