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A Cook's Journey to Japan

100 Homestyle Recipes from Japaese Kitchens

written by Sarah Marx Feldner

Tuttle Publishing Inc | ISBN 9784805312988

Paperback – 160 pages


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"Dozo, meshiagre! (Go ahead, dig in!). Sarah will guide you well..."--Elizabeth Andoh, from her foreword At twenty-eight years of age, Sarah Marx Feldner quit her job, sold her house, and moved to Japan to pursue her passion for Japanese food and cooking. "A Cook's Journey to Japan" is the result of her adventures traveling throughout Japan, sampling home-cooked meals and collecting recipes from Japanese friends and avid cooks she met along the way. "A Cook's Journey to Japan" is a totally unique cookbooks that tells the story of the everyday dishes that Japanese people at home--including many popular standards such as: Salmon Teriyaki Tonkatsu Chicken Yakitori Sushi Hand Rolls Miso Soup with Baby Clams Yaki Udon (Stir-Fried Noodles) The difference is that the home-style versions of each of these dishes are ones you will never see in any other cookbook. And as we know, foods prepared at home by experienced cooks are far more tasty--and also more healthy--than the restaurant versions found in most cookbooks. Sarah's fascinating stories about her travels, and her heartfelt and sometimes humorous insights about the people she met who shared their recipes and kitchens with her, will entice you to take up your knife and cutting board to begin your own journey through the kitchens of Japan. Her detailed menu suggestions, clear instructions and reassuring tone make it incredibly easy to prepare delicious Japanese meals in your own kitchen at home just the way the Japanese do.

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