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Japanese Kitchen Knives

Essential Techniques and Recipes

written by Kate Klippenstein, Yasuo Konishi, Hiromitsu Nozaki

Kodansha International Ltd | ISBN 9784770030764

Hardback – 160 pages


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Sales of Japanese kitchen knives are booming in the west, but how many people have the skills to use these superbly-crafted tools to full advantage? Now, internationally renowned chef Hiromitsu Nozaki shares his expertise and insights in a book that will help anyone who owns a Japanese knife to maximize its performance. In "Japanese Kitchen Knives", Nozaki teaches the reader how to use usuba, deba and yanagiba, the three main traditional Japanese knives. He explains many essential techniques, such as the importance of understanding blade angle and point of force, and illustrates these lessons by working with ingredients familiar to western readers, like carrots and rainbow trout. Colour photos and Nozaki's commentary further clarify the process, and the pictures are taken from the chef's perspective for easier understanding (most other books take photos from the reverse perspective). Each technique is accompanied by recipes that require its use, and all recipes are very simple, using easy-to-acquire ingredients. Other sections include a look at artisanal Japanese knife making and information on sharpening, storing and identifying of the variety of Japanese knives. Speciality knives are shown on location, from the unique unagi eel knife in an unagi speciality restaurant to the colossal tuna filleting knife in Tsukiji fish market. With simple lessons from a master chef, avid cooks - professional or amateur - can learn to use Japanese knives like an expert. The processes are illustrated in detail with colour photos and commentary; the photos are taken from chef's perspective for easier understanding. Each technique comes with recipes that require their use; other sections include information of sharpening, storing and the identification of the variety of Japanese knives.

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