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Kingyo the Artistry of the Japanese Goldfish

written by Kazuya Takaoka

Kodansha International Ltd | ISBN 9784770023032

Paperback – 396 pages


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Goldfish -Kingyo- were originally brought to Japan from China in 1502, and raised exclusively by the rich and the noble as highly prized, rare pets. It was not until the 1800's that goldfish became popular among the general public. Yet in no time they were raised as common pets, and depicted as motifs in art & crafts and on common household items, ultimately forming an unique Japanese kingyo culture. This book is a highly unique art book that reveals goldfish both as an element of Japanese culture and as an influential design motif over the last 500 years. Full colour throughout, it includes examples of its use in lacquerware, ceramic art, painting, ukiyoe prints and several crafts, and contains a short story that gives a powerful insight into the nature of Japanese perceptions of goldfish both as symbols and as living creatures kept for their beauty. While this book is conceived principally as an art book and source of artistic inspiration, it also includes full descriptions of the goldfish lineages, including scientific names, cross-referenced to the 100's of examples of their use in art and design found here.

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