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Collected Print Works of Shotei Takahashi

Kokusho | ISBN 9784336047847

Hardback – 128 pages


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Shows a large number of prints made by Takahashi especially for the Watanabe Print Shop who decided in 1906 to produce new original prints instead of reproducing old Ukiyo-e pictures. Takahashi finished more than 500 print works, large and small, before the Great Earthquake in 1921. Unfortunately the Watanabe print shop lost all of their engraved blocks and printed works in the fires caused by the Earthquake. This book shows the remade versions after 1921 showing more brilliant colours and a more straightforward style while also many prints were given titles. The book also shows the work Takahashi did for other print companies such as the Fusui Print Workshop and the Bijutsu Company.

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