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Digital Turn

Design in the Era of Interactive Technologies

written by Zane Berzina, Barbara Junge, Wim Westerveld, Carola Zwick

Park Books | ISBN 9783906027029

Paperback – 352 pages


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The ways of representing information and content are increasingly dominated by the interactive technologies of digital media.Two challenges shaping the future of design for professionals emerge from this overwhelming trend: How do the classical fields of graphic, product and architectural design respond to the new potentials of digital media? And how can design invest the digital world with aesthetic qualities that are on par with advanced digital technology? Critical encounters between digital technologies and design issues are ubiquitous in our professional and private lives. This book covers a vast range of topics related to these encounters, from the elementary cultural techniques of writing and reading to game design and augmented reality; from material design, patterning and ornamentation to wearable computers and advanced textile environments.The authors explore current concepts, strategies and solutions for design professionals. Designers from all fields, including internationally renowned voices as well as teachers and students presenting advanced studio work, share their manifold approaches to design issues in the age of interactive technologies.

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