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written by Barbara Deimling

Taschen | ISBN 9783836551465

Hardback – 96 pages

Part of the Taschen Basic Art series.


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During Sandro Botticelli’s lifetime (1444/45-1510), the influence of his art scarcely reached beyond his native Florence, and following his death he was soon forgotten, to be rediscovered only in the 19th century by the Pre-Raphaelites. Since then, Botticelli has ranked among the greatest of the Renaissance artists. In the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, paintings such asPrimavera and The Birth of Venus are among the foremost attractions for tourists and art lovers. Botticelli's captivating figures of women, his intimate portrayals of the Madonna and Child, and the angelic beauty of his adolescents are famous the world over today. The artist's life and work are explored in this thoughtful and beautifully illustrated study.

Artist: Botticelli

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