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Neoclassicism & Romanticism

written by Rolf Roman

Konemann | ISBN 9783833135569

Flexi jacket – 520 pages


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his comprehensive volume provides readers with multi-faceted insights into the full abundance of all the movements and schools of art between 1750 and 1848. It presents a comprehensive overview of the development of Neo-classicist and Romantic art in Europe and North America. It features illuminating excursions into areas such as the foundations of Neoclassicism in the Renaissance architecture of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). It discusses European painting between two revolutions: the development of painting in France from Jacques Louis David through to Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and his antipode, Eugene Delacroix. It is richly illustrated with photographs taken exclusively for this book. Neoclassicism, as a return to the forms and ideals of ancient art, and Romanticism, as an intellectual attitude, are no longer seen as mutually exclusive alternatives. Looking specifically to Europe, the United States and Russia, the authors of this carefully researched book have selected the notion of subjectivism as the common denominator that links the visual arts and architecture between the periods of rococo and realism.

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