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Emperor Maximilian I and the Age of Durer

written by Klaus Albrecht Schroder

Prestel | ISBN 9783791351728

Hardback – 432 pages


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One of Maximilian's most important legacies is the work created in his honour by some of the greatest artists of his time, most notably Albrecht Durer. Today many of these works reside in the Albertina Museum in Vienna, and they are featured in this elegant volume. In addition to works by Durer, the book includes reproductions of the extraordinary Triumphal Procession of Albrecht Altdorfer and his workshop, and the monumental woodcut Triumphal Arch. This book explores the artistic culture of Maximilian's era, with numerous examples from the Albertina's own collection as well as painted portraits, exquisite illuminated manuscripts, precious sculptures and splendid tapestries from some of the world's leading museums. Brought together in this elegant volume, these works offer valuable insight into Maximilian's public relations "machinery." The book also features various scholarly articles devoted to Maximilian's complex artistic projects, which may be considered as future key literature on Emperor Maximilian and the art of his time.

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