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Ai Weiwei

written by Mark Siemons, Ai Weiwei

Prestel Publishing | ISBN 9783791350141

Hardback – 120 pages


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One of China's most controversial artists, Ai Weiwei is also one of the world's most prominent critics of the Chinese government. A critic of China's handling of such matters as the situation in Tibet, the 2008 Olympic Games, and the tragedy of the 2008 Szechwan earthquake, Ai Weiwei brings questions about tradition, history, modernity, and change to his works of sculpture, architecture and photography.
This attractive volume features images of Ai Weiwei's acclaimed Fairytale installation for the 2007 Doumenta in Kassel, Germany, as well as illustrations of his furniture and woodwork, teapots and vases, video stills and his wildly popular Descending Light, a huge fallen chandelier made of red beads and gold tubing. In addition to illustrations of Ai Weiwei's three-dimensional work, there are numerous art photographs, images of installations in situ and texts by the artist. Readers will find much to appreciate in this unique collection by an artist who lives and creates with truthful integrity.

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