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Andy Warhol

The Record Covers 1949-1987, Catalogue Raisonne

written by Paul Marechal

Prestel Publishing | ISBN 978379134086

Hardback – 280 pages


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Count Basie, Tchaikovsky, Aretha Franklin, Lou Reed, Diana Ross, John Lennon, and the Rolling Stones all had their music promoted by Andy Warhol's record covers. This catalogue raisonne reproduces the fifty covers, front and back, designed over four decades that bear Warhol's unmistakable imprint. It also includes over 100 additional illustrations, featuring related works by Warhol, photographs of performances as well as documentary images identifying his visual sources. Paul Marechal explores Warhol's creative process, his relationship with artists and his fascination with all kinds of music. The range of music represented through these record covers, from jazz to classical, and from rock to soul, reveals the breadth of Warhol's musical tastes and his extraordinary ability to combine his artistic vision with the music and the recording artist.

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