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Yongbo Zhao

Das Grosse Lachen / Hearty Laughter

written by Gottfried Knapp

Prestel Publishing | ISBN 9783791340333

Hardback – 160 pages


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Born in Manchuria in 1964, Zhao began painting as a child,
studied and taught in China until, in his late twenties, he
became enamored with the Western European artistic
tradition. Rejecting the social realism that dominated the
art of late twentieth-century China, Zhao emigrated to
Germany where he immersed himself in the styles and
techniques of such painters as Rubens, Boucher, Goya,
Courbet, and the Pre-Raphaelites. Color illustrations of his
hypnotic, phantasmagoric, and often satirical works are
reproduced in stunning clarity in this book along with
insightful commentary that reveals why Zhao is one of the
most fascinating artists to emerge from contemporary

English/German edition

Artist: Yongbo Zhao

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