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Xenia Hausner


written by Xenia Hausner

Hirmer Publishers | ISBN 9783777442815

Hardback – 144 pages


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Dramatic and richly colorful, the works of Austrian painter Xenia Hausner have long captivated audiences through their unflinchingly realistic portrayal of the emotional states of her subjects. At once intimate portraits of individuals and reflections of the larger society, Hausner's paintings aptly capture both the personal and social dimensions of conflict. At the center of this volume is Hausner's most recent series of paintings, "Damage. "The subject of a recent solo exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum, " Damage" adopts as its inspiration incidences of love, loss, violence, interpersonal confrontation, and the precariousness of human relationships. Showcasing these works through a spectacular series of full-color illustrations, the book also brings together numerous photographs and text documenting the development of the paintings and providing insight into Hausner's artistic and creative process, as well as her characteristic bold use of color and light, inspired by her work as a set designer. Xenia Hausner is among the most interesting artists working in the Austrian realist movement," "and "Xenia Hausner: Damage "offers a fitting introduction to her prolific body of work.

Artist: Xenia Hausner

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