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Rainer Fetting


written by Berlinische Galerie

Hirmer Publishers | ISBN 9783777440217

Hardback – 135 pages


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Rainer Fetting is perhaps the best known of the contemporary German artists who in the late 1970s strove to capture the atmosphere of West Berlin where frequent student protests and the homosexual rights movement provided powerful impetus for societal change in spite of constraints caused by the Wall. Through his expressive cityscapes in the Neue Wilde style, Fetting became a sensitive observer of this atmosphere, and his depictions of the Wall, in particular, with their decisive style and vibrant color palette, represent a vital metropolis welcoming of alternative lifestyles. With sixty full-color illustrations and essays by, among others, Guido Fassbender, Travis Jeppesen, Thomas Kohler, Heinz Stahlhut, and Simone Wiechers, this lavish volume represents Fetting's prolific creative output.

Artist: Rainer Fetting

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