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written by Markus Muller

Hirmer Publishers | ISBN 9783777439815

Hardback – 192 pages


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Beginning in the 1950s, Pablo Picasso concerned himself intensely with the linocut, creating a veritable cosmos of bullfighting scenes, mythological images, and abstract portraits. Neglected for many years, this traditional printmaking technique--which effectively combined his talent as a draftsman with his expressive use of color--was consequently to experience a renaissance. On par with his paintings in their coloristic effects, Picasso's linocuts convey both the mature tone of the late Picasso and the almost youthful buoyancy of an artist of over seventy years who once more found himself the eager apprentice of a new technique. And with his experimental approach to the new medium--as shown by countless artist's and trial proofs, many of which are included here--Picasso helped to establish the linocut in the modern-day art world as a professional printmaking technique. In addition to exploring Picasso's unconventional handling of the linocut, this volume--created to accompany an exhibition this year at the Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso in Munster--also recounts the history of the linocut and the biographical circumstances under which Picasso created his works. Included in this lavish volume are more than one hundred illustrations of the vibrant prints Picasso created between 1954 and 1968. Many are among the artist's most defining work and demonstrate his lifelong ability to engage with virtually any medium and to make it his own.

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