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Ola Kolehmainen

Fraction Abstraction Recreation

written by Ola Kolehmainen

Hatje Cantz | ISBN 9783775719025

Hardback – 128 pages


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Helsinki School photographer Ola Kolehmainen's work centers on the basic structures of contemporary architecture, and the series of strict geometric forms that characterize them--he photographs the grids of curtain glass facades as both Minimalist compositions and canvases for the altered landscapes that they reflect back to the world. In creating these nearly abstract images he describes himself as eliminating "visual noise," yet Kolehmainen remains welcoming to the elements that undermine the cleanest view--he lets tree branches wave into the frame, or puffy white clouds break chaotically over the sky-blue squares of a facade. Kolehmainen was born in 1964 and studied at the University of Arts and Design, Helsinki; Fraction Abstraction Recreation collects his unpublished works of the past two years.

Artist: Ola Kolehmainen

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