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Gerhard Richter

Eight Grey (Acht Grau)

written by Benjamin Buchloh

Hatje Cantz | ISBN 9783775712750

Hardback – 128 pages


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Showcasing specially commissioned work from the internationally renowned artist Gerhard Richter, this exhibition catalogue for the Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin details his experiments with the mirror and its relationship to painting. Richter often adds a layer of colour behind the glass surfaces, thus complicating and compromising the clarity and truth expected from the glass. The shifting, hazy reflections articulate the elusive nature of the reality artists struggle to imitate. For Richter, there is no one vision, no certitude. Representing nothingness - the void - the eight large grey mirrors recall for the artist a kind of momento mori. The publication focuses on the commissioned project and the importance of the Mirror series; projects in glass, grey monochromes; and in related works in Richter's career. Nearly 50 drawings and related works dating from 1965 to the present as well as studies for the Berlin installation are illustrated. The catalogue also includes an essay by Richter expert Ben Buchloh.

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