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James Carpenter

Environmental Refractions

written by Sandro Marpillero

Birkhäuser Verlag | ISBN 9783764362492

Hardback – 175 pages


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James Carpenter studied architecture and sculpture and acquired his own personal trademark in the ten years he worked for glass manufacturer Corning. Even today, Carpenter is occasionally categorised as a ‘glass artist’, an appellation that fails him because he has moved towards a broader agenda integrated with conception and development of architectural design.
Sandro Marpillero, himself and architect and lecturer at Harvard University, has approached his task as author with scientific seriousness. His analytical texts are sharp-witted and document the design and construction process, illustrating how seamlessly the works of architects and artists (Carpenter and the light artist Jenny Holzer), and civil engineers intertwine. The project documentations are illustrated with numerous diagrams specially re-drawn for this book.
This first explicit Carpenter monograph has actually appeared rather late. What makes it particularly delightful is the author’s endeavour to find logic, clarity and traceability, qualities that generally give art and architecture books a half-life extending beyond the present day.

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