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Collecting Worlds

Contemporary International Outsider

written by Markus Landert

Benteli Verlag | ISBN 9783716516751

Hardback – 382 pages


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Outsider art is a small, near hermetic part of the art world. It is a place where the rules are imaginary, original thoughts appear, taboos are broken. Outsider art allows us to catch glimpses of other worlds - some small, some vast - which we can see here through other, occasionally strange eyes. Collecting Worlds provides a representative overview of contemporary outsider art. Based on over five thousand works in the Korine and Max E. Ammann Collection, seven chapters provide access to a fascinating universe of images and imagery. Seven different worlds have been delineated by semantic fields that not so much define rigid boundaries but rather create open spaces where considered thought and contemplation may roam. They invite you, the reader, to devise your own taxonomies and create your own compositions.

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