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Portrait Photographer's Style Guide

The Recipe Book of Professional Portraiture Techniques

written by James Cheadle, Peter Travers

Rotovision | ISBN 9782888930877

Paperback – 176 pages


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The Portrait Photographer's Style Guide is a hardworking recipe book of inspiring portrait photography. This beautifully illustrated book explores professional portrait techniques across a wide variety of styles and genres that echo the full range of images in today's magazines, advertising, and modeling shots. From gritty urban looks to pop culture styles, readers are provided with all the ingredients they need to recreate these high-fashion looks. A 3D diagram of the studio or outdoor equipment set-up accompanies images, and explanations describe precisely how the image was shot in terms of format, lens, exposure, aperture, and lighting. The second half of the book provides practical shooting tips and an overview of essential equipment, and Photoshop tutorials help readers to easily replicate a wide range of photographic styles. This is a must-have for amateur and professional photographers looking to improve their portrait photography.

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