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Everything that Rises

A Book of Convergences

written by Laurence Weschler

McSweeney's Publishing | ISBN 9781932416862

Paperback – 200 pages


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Is there order in the universe? In this thrilling and beautifully illustrated investigation of cosmic convergence and coincidence, acclaimed author Lawrence Weschler tries to make sense of the world...From a cuneiform tablet to a Chicago prison, from the depths of the cosmos to the text on our T-shirts, Lawrence Weschler finds strange connections wherever he looks. The farther one travels (through geography, through art, through science, through time), the more everything seems to converge - at least, it does if you're looking through Weschler's giddy, brilliant eyes. Weschler combines his keen insights into art (both contemporary and Renaissance), his years of experience as a chroncler of the fall of Communism, and his triumphs and failures as the father of a teenage girl, into a series of essays that are sure to illuminate, educate, and astound.

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