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Afghanistan Catalogue

Hidden Treasures from the National Museum Kabul

written by Pierre Cambon, Fredrik Hiebert

Museum Victoria | ISBN 9781921833281

Paperback – 303 pages


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Ancient Afghanistan was the crossroads of civilization in Central Asia. Its archaeological treasures date back more than four thousand years and bear the imprint of numerous cultures, attesting to Afghanistan's pivotal importance in the exchange of goods and ideas from Asia to the Mediterranean.
Nearly 230 artifacts from the rich mosaic of Afghanistan's cultural heritage are explored in Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul. The extraordinary objects presented here range in date from 2200 BC to AD 200 and are drawn from four archaeological sites. There are fragmentary gold vases from Tepe Fullol in Northern Afghanistan; bronze ivory and stone sculptures from the site of the former Greek city Ai Khanum and carved ivory reliefs and other items from Begram, the passage point to India on the Silk Road. The book concludes with the spectacular collection of gold artifacts from the famed 'Bactrian Hoard' - objects from the graves of six Bactrian nomads discovered at Tillya Tepe in Northern Afghanistan in 1978 but hidden from view until 2003.
Published to accompany a major exhibition touring Australia, this handsome volume focuses on the cultural significance of the objects as well as telling the fascinating story of their discovery, excavation, and heroic rescue in modern day Afghanistan.

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