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Kick-ass Creativity

written by Mary Beth Maziarz

Watkins Publishing | ISBN 9781907486463

Paperback – 256 pages


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Creativity has penetrated nearly every aspect of our working and home life, especially in the current financial climate. Whether you are cooking delicious budget-friendly meals at home or writing a newsletter for your company's mailing list, you need to be working at your creative best. In this book Mary Beth Maziarz offers a concrete program for helping you release and develop your creative potential. If you incorporate these teachings into your life, you can be not only creative, but 'kick-ass creative'. The author provides a framework full of fun and practical tips for kick-starting the creative process and getting you to up to the necessary level of 'kick-ass' self-confidence, originality and pizzazz. Topics included are:
* Energy and what it has to do with art.
* How to connect with your deepest motivations, desires, and feelings. * Concrete tips about time management.
* How to get rid of those flimsy excuses that block your creative output. Kick-Ass Creativity offers the tools to move past the rhetoric

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