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Paradoxical Object

Video Film Sculpture

written by Joan Truckenbrod

Black Dog | ISBN 9781907317606

Paperback – 192 pages


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An illustrated reader on the fascinating subject of video sculpture, "The Paradoxical Object" opens up a new genre of artwork. The book aims to give physical form to video, while catalyzing the power embedded in objects. Digital artist Joan Truckenbrod explores the idea that video sculpture creates unique time-based objects with their own behaviors, stories and sound. This process is co-linear with contemporary cultural studies that illuminate the resonance of objects, and the agency that they perform. In activating objects or sculptural forms, this collaboration of video and object creates an innovative portal for connection with other realms. "The Paradoxical Object" is an intriguing look into the provocative nature of pairing video projection with real objects, and the resulting continuity and conflicts that arise from such a relationship. The complexity of this connection is open to a range of potential interpretations depending upon the unique character of each viewer.

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