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100 Years of Motoring

Twentieth Century in Pictures

written by PA Photos

Ammonite Press | ISBN 9781906672331

Paperback – 300 pages

Part of the Twentieth Century in Pictures series.


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This book offers a fascinating visual exploration of how vehicles have come to dominate our lives. It features images from Formula One to motorway congestion! It is a visual tribute to the 20th Century, with photographs from PA Photos' archives. This book provides a fascinating visual exploration of motoring. Motoring in Britain began the century as a minority pursuit of the rich and eccentric: here the reader can see the story unfold until 33 million vehicles travel on British roads, dominating all of our daily lives. Motor sport from the makeshift, oily days of pre-war Brooklands to the high tech professionalism of today's Formula One, traffic from the empty roads of the past to contemporary motorway congestion, family holidays in Austins and Fords, even just driving to work: our memories are filled with motoring and the pictures in this book will prompt many a reminiscence.

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