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Three Dimensional Embroidery

written by Janet Edmonds

Batsford Ltd | ISBN 9781906388546

Paperback – 128 pages


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This is a bestselling textile art book new in paperback. This is the first book on 3D embroidery and still the seminal work on the subject. It offers simple instructions and fabulous finished pieces that both guide and inspire. It provides practical, expert advice from one of the world's leading 3D textile artists. Textile artists and embroiderers have long been interested in creating three-dimensional structures in the form of bags and boxes, but many are now constructing more advanced geometric shapes and free-form embroidered pieces. The added third dimension of depth offers endless scope for design and can be much more exciting and challenging than flat, two-dimensional work. In this book, Janet Edmonds explores the textile design processes and building methods that take the image off the drawing board and into three-dimensions.

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