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Chinese Animal Painting Made Easy

written by Rebecca Yue

Batsford Ltd | ISBN 9781906388508

Paperback – 176 pages


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A complete guide to painting animals in the Chinese non-outline style of brush painting, a popular subject in a successful series by the same author. With full instructions on materials and equipment as well as basic techniques, the book contains stunning illustrations of 50 animals, including cats, pandas, birds, horses, elephants, tigers and gorillas. Many of the illustrations have full step-by-step instructions. The author covers most of the existing popular styles of Chinese non-outline animal painting, from the simple outline sketch approach to more advanced expressive styles. For animal painting, Chinese masters use basic brushstrokes to build up more advanced and stunning effects. The author guides her readers to think like masters. They will go through an exciting journey, starting as beginners using only basic techniques to develop gradually more complex skills. Every step is clearly explained with easy-to-follow instructions accompanied by inspiring illustrations.

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