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For Sale $20000

written by Bill Drummond

Beautiful Books Limited | ISBN 9781905636846

Paperback – 155 pages


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An investigation into the meaning and value of one art item, from a provocateur of the art and music worlds Celebrated musician and artist Bill Drummond turns his attention to the world of modern art. Several years ago he bought a photograph by the Turner Prize-winning artist Richard Long for $20,000. After owning it for some time, he decided to cut it up into 20,000 individual pieces, and then sell them off at a dollar a piece. This book tells the whole story of Drummond's relationship with modern art, and in particular how this process changed it, in a typically fascinating and discursive way. In his numerous musical incarnations, Drummond has combined global success with a fiercely independent slant. As an artist, his work, over the past 30 years, has examined the cultural landscape through a diverse array of forms.

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