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Perspectives on Medieval Art

written by Ena Heller, Patricia Pongracz

D Giles Ltd | ISBN 9781904832690

Hardback – 224 pages


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"Perspectives on Medieval Art: Learning through Looking" examines medieval culture from a number of different viewpoints to reveal how the art of the Middle Ages can provide a unique insight into the wider issues of medieval politics and culture. The essays also address the teaching of medieval art and architecture as well as examining society's longing for ecclesiastical drama. Contributions from leading theologians and historians variously study life and art in the Middle Ages, why the medieval period matters today and how medieval art speaks to a 21st-century audience. Scholars from different disciplines, including Thomas Cahill and Kathryn Kueny, consider individual works of art simultaneously and examine how medieval art is taught in divinity schools, university and college classrooms and museums.

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