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Richard Long

Walking and Marking

written by Patrick Elliott

National Galleries Of Scotland | ISBN 9781903278987

Paperback – 108 pages


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Richard Long is one of the most influential artists of our times. His innovative, beautiful and thought-provoking work can be seen in museums all over the world. Born in 1945, Long is known in particular as a pioneer of Land Art. His art has its origins in walking: his works of the 1960s record the walks, while subsequent works use simple materials such as stones, sticks, mud and water, picked up on those walks. Forming the materials into lines, circles and spirals, the works speak of man's harmonious relationship with nature. This book will include many of his of works on paper, beginning with photographic and text works dating from the late 1960s, to China clay drawings made on paper in the last decade. A special emphasis will be placed on works and walks made in Scotland.

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