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An Illustrated History of the Garden Flower

written by Brent Elliott

Scriptum Editions | ISBN 9781902686141

Hardback – 336 pages


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Roses from China, geraniums from Southern Africa, hibiscus from the Pacific, orchids from the Americas: all the best-loved garden flowers are illustrated in this book, along with the story of their journey from species in far-flung places to domestic varieties in our gardens. For hundreds of years, as Europe explored the world beyond its shores, intrepid adventurers, botanists and plant hunters sent back seeds and specimens of the thousands of flowers they came across on their travels. In Britain in particular, nurserymen and aristocratic garden lovers experimented with each new influx of botanical material to create the garden flowers we know today. This book tells the story of this evolution, drawing on the superb archive of the Royal Horticultural Society.

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