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Joe Cornish

A Photographer At Work

written by Joe Cornish, Eddie Ephraums

Aurum Press | ISBN 9781902538600



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A highly original exploration of a great landscape photographer's working methods, creative philosophy, and the evolution of both over a three-year period, Joe Cornish and Eddie Ephraums created a unique documentary record of Joe's photography in a variety of locations, from the Scottish Highlands to the north Cornwall coast. Each location is used to address a particular aspect of the art and craft of landscape photography through conversations between the authors, images of Cornish at work, and his own pictures from each location. The pictures show not one definitive interpretation of each scene but alternative compositions and the development of photographic ideas, offering revealing insights into the photographer's creative process. The book also documents Cornish's gradual transition from a traditional, exclusively film-based way of working to his use of digital compact cameras, digital SLRs, and a large-format digital camera. He describes the opportunities that each of these new tools has opened up--for example he now uses a digital compact both as a sketchbook and for exhibition-quality prints. Full of informative and inspirational images, fascinating insights, and professional tricks of the trade, this book will appeal to anyone with an interest in photographing the landscape.

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