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Mr M And The Red Thread

written by Soizick Meister

Simply Read Books | ISBN 9781897476888

Hardback – 54 pages


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This art book of beautiful images by celebrated artist Soizick Meister is the second book about "Mr. M", a mysterious and imaginative dreamer. Arcane, evocative words and rich language are used to tell this new tale of Mr. M who has recently been liberated from heavy memories and uncertainties, (struggles he overcame in "Mr. M and the Exploring Dreamer"). But now he realizes he is still missing something: compainonship. Mr. M, remembering someone who he loved long ago and lingers still in his mind, he sends her messages. Using the early Chinese idiom of "the red thread" - the connection linking humanity to one another, as inspiration, Mr. M's messages take the form of mystical red threads. However, messages never take the place of meeting face-to-face, and ultimately, Mr. M must embark to reconnect with her in person. "Mr. M and the Red Thread" will resonate with all those whose hearts have searched and struggled to find true love.

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