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Frantic Bloom

Anthony Breslin

written by Anthony Breslin, Lisa Etheridge , Paul M Guest

Melbourne Books | ISBN 9781877096686

Hardback – 232 pages


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Breslin's work is composed of circuitous outlines, undulating curves and Pollock-esque paint splatters, as well as deformed human faces and bold, festive colours. These embody Breslin's attempt to depict the plight of the modern-day human forever a entrenched in the process of self-formation and self-assertion. But there is also a performative aspect to his art - to Breslin, art is a doing, a transformation of the material used, with artist and artwork engaging in a subsuming trance-dance of creation. As Breslin himself explains: "This manic search in coloured paint is an attempt to encapsulate the memory of an imaginary kaleidoscope I yearned for as a child, but never did it manifest itself in any birthday box I ever knew." Includes a foreword by The Hon. Paul M. Guest QC and an introductory essay by Dr Lisa Etheridge of RMIT University, along with a list of Breslin's exhibitions and a personal timeline.

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